We believe in the power of

food to build confidence

and self-esteem


Who we are

Wiggly is a small but growing Gloucestershire based charity with a mission to offer people life opportunities through food.  We were founded by Rob Rees, MBE, in 2007, and still retain the original registered charity name "The Wiggly Worm Ltd" today.  We have built a reputation across the county for delivering cookery tuition and activities with impact that goes beyond just teaching kitchen skills.

What we offer

Wiggly offers fully inclusive, accessible and mobile cookery sessions for individuals of all ages and abilities, from cradle to grave.  Whether at our Gloucester-based kitchens, or out in the community, we provide opportunities through food to individuals, groups and communities that are disadvantaged or disabled, and to those who support and care for them.   Wiggly workshops and courses empower individuals by building kitchen skills for life, improving self-esteem and confidence and bringing communities together.  Our flexible approach eliminates transport barriers and allow us to reach individuals who may not otherwise be able to access traditional cooking schools or workshops.

How we do it

Wiggly is Values-led  We are inclusive, empowering, collaborative, accessible and professional.  Wiggly takes time to assess individual needs and to tailor our cookery provision and delivery accordingly.  We are people-centric and never judge or discriminate.  Our workshops bring people together and reduce social isolation, enabling people to learn new skills and connect with others.

Why choose Wiggly?

Wiggly sessions are interesting, practical, engaging and fun.  We offer value for money, specialist teaching, in a safe and inclusive environment.  Wiggly recipes are designed to be seasonal, budget-friendly, simple and tasty.  We focus on people’s strengths and tailor our classes to individual abilities so that everyone can succeed in cooking and sharing a delicious meal, regardless of ability or circumstance.

Ben participated in our online cookery short course for young people with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities).

Our participants tell us...

"I’m more confident to take my time when preparing a meal and be safe with the equipment I’m using"

"I live on my own so it’s nice to eat with other people"

"I’ve learnt how to interact better with others and to work as a team"

"I didn’t used to cook at home and now I’m cooking!"

"With my anxiety it was hard to leave the house, but I made friends on the course, it’s been amazing!"

"I’m going to cook with my child more at home"

"I’ve learnt to cook healthy meals in a single pot to save on fuel costs"

"I've enjoyed cooking from scratch and trying things.

My son now eats vegetables!"

"I used to let challenges overcome me, but this has helped me gain confidence"

"I've enjoyed getting out and meeting people"

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