Westgate Course #1 wraps up

November 2, 2023

Westgate Group with certificates

Our Wiggly Westgate course #1 wound up last week with a fabulous final shared meal of mac and cheese with a selection of toppings including crispy bacon and onions.   Our participants triumphed by making their own roux for the cheese sauce, and enjoyed the fruits of their labour in a shared meal at the end of the session.  Achieving a good roux is a tricky beast at the best of times, but our group persevered with some help from their supporters, and everyone achieved a fantastic smooth sauce.

It was also wonderful to see everyone get involved in every aspect of kitchen life.  From knife skills to grating the cheese all the way through to washing and drying up at the end.  This kind of course offers adults with learning disabilities the chance to gain some independence over their food preparation and to understand how to put a healthy meal together with simple ingredients and equipment.

Our Wiggly team really enjoyed working with this group, and supporting them through their Wiggly journey.  Everyone took home a selection of Wiggly recipes, the famous green Wiggly tote bag and of course, a certificate of achievement.   Cooking good food is such a simple pleasure but its power in bringing people together and raising their confidence can’t be under-estimated.  Our participants commented on how much they had learned during the course, and some asked to come back for another round!

Our next cookery course based at Westgate is already underway – watch out for regular updates on progress on our social media feeds @wigglycharity and @wigglychef.