Wiggly Fake-Away Favourites!

September 28, 2023

Girl with Big Mac taco

Westgate Course kicks off with a Wiggly twist on a fast food favourite!

The Wiggly team were thrilled this week to welcome our new participants from the Cavern and the Lighthouse on our Westgate Cookery course.   The course provides vulnerable adults in Gloucester with two courses of five weeks’ cookery tuition each, to boost their confidence in the kitchen and help them take away some essential kitchen skills for life.

Thanks go to #LevellingUpTogether from Gloucestershire County Council for their funding for these courses.

The first session kicked off with a Wiggly version of a familiar favourite – a Big Mac taco with potato wedges!  The Wiggly version contained less than half the calories of a Big Mac and, in our opinion, double the flavour!   It was based on basic, easily accessible ingredients such as beef mince and potatoes, but packed a tasty punch with gherkins and a home-made burger sauce.

Wiggly Chef explained the nutritional difference between the popular original Big Mac and a home-cooked version and initial nerves amongst the students soon turned to growing confidence as they were supported by our Wiggly team to make the dishes for themselves.

Our students were delighted with the meals they created, which they shared together at the end of the session.   One participant commented that it was their “best day ever!”.

Thanks so much, we’ll take that!

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