Wiggly Santa’s Gift to you

December 6, 2023

Wiggly Santa

With Christmas fast approaching, the amount of things to do can sometimes seem over-whelming.   Presents to buy, parties to plan, Christmas outfits to choose and family meals to prepare.   The demands seem to come from all sides and the cost can really add up and often feels too daunting to manage and afford.

At Wiggly, we always prioritise simple, home-cooked healthy food.  This year we wanted to offer some practical help to individuals and families who may be struggling to stretch their finances to afford the cost of a traditional Christmas meal.   We wanted to give you something that can really deliver on classic Christmas flavours without breaking the bank or causing Christmas stress.

Our simple gift to you this Christmas is a collection of easy to achieve, budget friendly seasonal celebratory recipes.

There’s no need to splash out on a whole turkey, or to feel you’ve missed the boat because you haven’t already made a Christmas pudding.   Our recipes are family friendly, cost-conscious and practical, but will help a family of four have a home-cooked Christmas day for under £35.

We’ve even prepared a shopping list to help take the strain out of your Christmas planning.

Start your festivities with garlic mushrooms topped with melting mozzarella cheese.  Move on to our delicious roasted turkey loaf with classic sides of roast potatoes, carrots, pigs in blankets and sprouts.  And end your meal with a christmas pudding dessert based on  rocky road flavours.   Relax with some tasty mince-meat puff pastry parcels with your after dinner coffee, and we hope you’ll agree that all the family will be well fed and content.

If you’d rather plan a meat-free Christmas, our Wiggly Chef suggests trying this fantastic nut roast recipe instead.

So why not cook with Wiggly this Christmas?   Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @wigglycharity and @wigglychef for videos of how to make this budget Christmas feast.  Tag us on your socials and let us know how you get on!

We hope that our recipes and Wiggly Santa videos take some of the stress out of Christmas meal planning for you and that you have a fabulous Christmas season.

Happy Christmas to one and all from all the team at Wiggly x